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LJB Investigations is a licensed and insured California Private Investigation Firm owned by Lynda J. Bergh.

As a Private Investigation Firm, we service corporations, law firms, municipalities, insurance companies, and private parties. We specialize in asset, background, child custody, computer, domestic, due diligence, fraud, identity theft, insurance, intellectual property, personal injury, pre-employment, pre-marital, product liability, public records, traffic collision and worker’s compensation investigations.

As experienced private investigators, we are committed to providing a high standard of excellence to each and every one of our clients, no matter how large or small their investigation. All investigations are conducted in a discreet, honest, legal and ethical manner. All of our findings are documented and submitted to the client in a professional, concise and unbiased reporting style.

Whether you are a private individual, small business, or large corporation, we offer a range of investigative services to obtain and verify the information necessary to deal with your situation efficiently and effectively. All investigators who work with LJB Investigations are experienced, licensed and insured. We understand our client’s need for privacy, and every action or discussion is held in the strictest confidence.

All contacts with witnesses, references, prior employers or co-workers are conducted in a non-threatening manner. Lynda Bergh has undergone extensive training in interviewing techniques and witness evaluation.

LJB Investigations subscribes to multiple databases which afford access to the most recent sources. The database information is considered a starting point only. All details are fact checked and verified prior to being included in a report or provided to a client. Lynda Bergh also regularly attends training seminars and keeps up to date on ever-changing laws that may affect private investigations. There will never be a concern regarding whether or not the information provided to the client is suitable to be used in court proceedings.

LJB Investigations will be happy to answer your questions and provide a consultation free of charge. All information divulged during that consultation will also be held confidential.


Owner Lynda J. Bergh, a native Californian, has been working in law enforcement or as an investigator since 1978, and licensed as a Private Investigator since 1996. With 27 years of private investigation experience, Lynda has conducted literally thousands of investigations for southern California legal, insurance and private clients. She has also developed extensive sources and valuable contacts both local and worldwide, and can provide reliable referrals to international investigators when needed. Lynda deals with her clients in a professional and compassionate, yet direct and candid manner. She personally conducts the vast majority of the investigations handled by her firm. Should an investigation be conducted by another investigator, Lynda oversees every step, reviews the information, and confirms the veracity of all findings prior to forwarding the results to the client. 

Member of -

United States Association of Professional Investigators - Charter Member
Homefires - Director, California State Coordinator
Association of Christian Investigators
California Background Investigators Association


California Private Investigator Licensing Facts –

The State of California requires that a private investigator be licensed. Private Investigators in California are overseen by the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Security & Investigative Services.

The general requirements for a license include:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Three years of compensated experience totaling not less than 6,000 hours in investigative work while employed by law enforcement agencies, collection agencies, insurance agencies, banks, courts, or other private investigation agencies.
  • A college degree in criminal law, criminal justice or police science can be substituted for part of the experience.
  • Undergo a criminal history review.
  • Pass a written exam.

Several states have online public databases that can be utilized to verify an agency’s or individual’s private investigation license.

In California, a PI license may be researched at the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs website,


A Brief History of the PI Profession –

The Pinkerton National Detective Agency, one of the country’s first well-known private detective agencies, was formed by Allan Pinkerton in 1850. The Scottish native immigrated to Chicago in 1842. Pinkerton’s career as an investigator began quite by fate when he stumbled upon counterfeiters making coins near his woods. The City of Chicago appointed Pinkerton deputy sheriff for his assistance in the arrests. He later became the city’s first full-time detective. Pinkerton soon launched his own company.

The Pinkerton agency filled a security void in the mid-1800’s when victims of crime felt they had no recourse for protecting their family, assets, and property. Federal authorities were not yet established to chase outlaws across state and territorial lines. Local law enforcement resources were often limited and mandated a local focus rather than pursuing villains long distances.

Pinkerton’s clientele was heavily industrial: railroads and factories. The agency gained fame for the work on the railroads. They also gained notoriety for their renowned collection of mug shots on train robbers, bank robbers, and bandits. They created one of the first expansive criminal databases in the United States.

The Chicago-based company ran ads in “Harpers Weekly” to promote their services of undercover investigations, detection of crimes, industrial plant protection, and armed security. Their logo sported an eye with the slogan, “We Never Sleep”, and helped inspire the long term use of “private eye” in both symbol and text.

Pinkerton agents tracked Jesse James and Butch Cassidy. Banks hired them as security guards. Pinkerton himself is credited with uncovering an assassination attempt on President-elect Abraham Lincoln in 1861. As President, Lincoln hired Pinkerton and his staff to conduct surveillance in the South.

California moved to license and regulate private detectives in 1915. The investigator became more accessible to the average American by the 1920’s when a growing middle class emerged after World War I.